Health & Nutrition Tips


You can't become a pro player without practice and you can't become a health pro without practice either. You need to work on the skills for both.
Read over this list and pick 1-2 things to work on at a time. Involve your whole family - you will all become healthier and when you work as a team you're bound for success.


Putting quality food in your body will maximize your perfomance. Eat 5 or more fruits and veggies every day to help BOOAST your game by giving your body the fuel it needs. If you think fruits and vegetables aren't your things, maybe you haven't tried the right ones yet! Try them all or exoeriment with different preparations - you might be surprised HOW GOOD THEY TASTE!


Getting enought fluids will have you feeling better and more energized, which will help you play harder and look better. Being thirsty is your body's way of telling you to drink more. But being thirsty also means that you are already low on fluids. If you want to maximize your perfomance, you'll need to keep those liquids coming even before thirst kicks in.


While you're sleeping, your body grows and recovers from the day's activities. The average person needs 8 hours of sleep or more for your body to fully recover from the day. If you have less than 8 hours of sleep, your body will not build up enough muscle or energy for the upcoming day.


Being healthy and competitive means avoiding alcohol and drugs - that includes "party" drugs or drugs intended to "enhance" perfomance. Specific drugs can have serious effects. Steroids, for example, can lead to serious health problems, including ruptured tendons, organ damage, and increased risk of liver cancer, heart attack or stroke. Drugs and alcohol slow reaction time, cloud judgment, alter critical body functions and over time they affect brain chemistry, which can reduce the enjoyment you get from things like sports. Every althlete values being in the moment, staying sharp and enjoying the game is very important. Make smart choices and avoid drugs!

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