Saturday, March 1, 2014

From the Desk of Tadd Reilly

From the Desk of Tadd Reilly :

As 2014 continues to get underway, the discipline of 3 on 3 basketball continues to gain momentum around the world. This style of competition has been played in the basketball community for many years in many markets around the world. However, with the recent push by the FIBA organization to one day make 3 on 3 basketball an Olympic Sport, this style of play continues to gain global acceptance and awareness.

There are several differences in the rules that make 3 on 3 different then 5 on 5. The rule that directly impacts all of us is that for 3 on 3 style of play the FIBA rules state that everyone must use a size 6 basketball, regardless of age or gender. Although this decision is not one that everyone agrees with, currently, in order to participate in the FIBA tour or you are required to use the size 6 ball.

The Spalding vision is to have a unique ball design (TF-33) that can be easily recognized around the world so that when someone sees the TF 33 they know immediately that those players are participating in a 3 on 3 event. This is also true for the NBA 3X events, as they are trying to make sure that the NBA uses this ball for all of their events as well.
More recent examples of our Spalding partners getting further involved with 3 on 3 basketball include a relationship with FIBA Europe as the official ball and uniform of the tour, with the championship held in Bucharest. In Italy the TF-33 ball design will be used for a major Italian tour. Additionally, Spalding Japan signed an agreement to be the official ball and backboard of a large local 3 on 3 tournament that is linked to the FIBA World Tour.

FIBA World (governing body for basketball) recently announced their global tour which finishes in Tokyo Japan. The two primary partners that are supporting FIBA World in the development of this discipline are Samsung and Nike.

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